Number closed her under the nose of her boyfriend

January 1, 2013

New Year’s Eve party. At midnight I toast with many people, HB Psy toasts and asks my name. We exchange names, I spin her an I move on. Later in the evening I go to her table, sit next to her and start flirting with her. She responds beautifully, then tells me she’s a psychiatrist. We role play like i’m the psychiatrist and she’s the nutcase. I kino her, we laugh a lot, it’s on. She introduces me to a guy friend at the table, then to another guy. One of them is bringing her drinks, etc. We continue flirting. I suggest staying in touch on facebook. She agrees and I actually notice we’re already FB friends. So I tell her it’s obvious that since we’re friends and we haven’t communicated before, obviously FB is a bad communication environment, so she should give me her number. She does and I call her. Her phone rings on the table and the friend bringing her drinks takes it from the table and I hang up. She then takes the phone from him and asks me to excuse her for 2 minutes. She goes outside and calls the number that had just called her. So I answer, and after a couple of seconds she realizes who she called and we start laughing like crazy. I tell her “the 2 minutes are up”. While waiting for her, I am polite and ask the guy bringing her drinks if they are colleagues. He looks at me icily and says “No, I am her lover”. πŸ™‚

P.S.: Yes, I am still alive!


Coming out of friends zone

April 14, 2012

friends for 10 years, she’s been trying to get my attention for while. Acted alpha, as the prize, heavy kino, went to a hotel with her, f-close.

Clubbing – On fire

December 19, 2011

Last Sat in Fratelli was freaking awesome. I met over ten girls. I was getting IOI’s from different girls like crazy ( eye contact, compliments, Β sexual innuendoes, pulling me from my tie, ass grab, waste pinch ). And all my friends were telling me I’m a god after seeing me KClose a girl and then coming with a new girl and introducing them one to another. I then came with a third girl :)).

My frame was incredible – I tryed to kclose 2 friends HBs – 1 did (after less than 2 minutes of meeting me), the other danced dirty with me. I opened smart – direct and almost all sets opened. I kinoed like crazy – I think I hugged 7-8 girls. Need to work on kino structure and escalation ladder.

In the end, towards the morning, I met a connector who introduced me to other girls. He just asked me: pick a girl. “That one”. Fine. Come with me. Girls opened increadibly easy after he was telling them I’m his cousin πŸ™‚ Knowing the right people can make wonders.

Does mutual masturbation to orgasms count as Lay Report?

July 28, 2011

Tonight I added a Russian girl to my `portfolio` thanks to a combination of `60 years of challenge` method and angelsin’s method.

It was the last night of the festival – I was a bit ill, so i didn’t give a shit and i was very aggressive. I entered the club, as soon as I saw someone I knew I went 60 style – hug, hand hold, lots of kino. I wanted to isolate in less then a minute. I did this with several girls, and the guys at the bar were looking at me like “wtf?!” – who is this guy who comes and hugs all the girls, takes their hands etc.

I actually saw girls were a bit scared, after i hugged them i literrally went very close to them, creating big tension and I was very aggressive with the kino. TI_R_11, while happy to see me, she kept getting away from me – and when she saw me she kept dancing with other guys.

Then I started to lose the aggressiveness and started being social .. I danced with a HB I like, I got big DHV, and left just at the right time. Then right after that I went to a girl who had refused me directly ( and pretty ugly ) a few days before. She refused me again. I looked at her smiled, shrugged, and said Ok, and just walked away. I just didn’t give a shit. It felt so good.

Then I danced with another girl, and kept kinoing her – she liked it – i went closer – but she kept backing away – i backed away too, then i got close again and so on .. wasn’t able to isolate .. then went outside .. joked with friends, got huge dhv because of my car πŸ™‚ .. then i got back inside – saw TI_R_11 again and went to her, danced dirty, I saw she liked it, kinoed her, and then when we were close, i pulled her chin un and kclose. She only let me kiss her lips and pulled away. Then i isolated her on a couch, made rapport, then she didn’t let me kiss her πŸ™‚ .. so i smelled her and started kiss her neck, so she became aroused and wanted to kiss me πŸ™‚ .. but i was teasing her. And at one point she caught my midle finger with her hand, and I looked into her eyes and didn’t wait for another signal – I said: “let’s go”. Where? Outside? “You will see”. So we went to the car. She was a bit afraid. “Tell me where we are going”. “Come on, you will see”. So I drive her to my place. When we get there she hesitates: “i don’t think it’s a good idea”. I say”don’t worry. it’s gonna be ok”.

Then *sticking point* we just talk for a long time. Then i realise she has to go to meet her friends who were leaving during the night. So i start arousing her only when she already said she has to go. ( next time i must start kissing her max 15 minutes after i get to my place ). So that’s why although aroused she did not want to have sex, invoking period. lots of LMR, in the end i just put my dick in her hand and she started a handjob – meanwhile i started playing with her pussy and she simply did not let me go inside her .. in the end we both got off, and i drove her home. I felt it was a good compromise.

Maybe I will see her again tonight.

Good: Very aggressive at the beginning, ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude, went for the kiss even if i had not a moment of mutual interest ( like her caressing me ), when rejected i just smiled, maintained EC and continued like nothing had happened, i tried with girls that had already rejected me.

Bad: When home we made platonic rapport for more than 1h! .. don’t know what was in my head :))

“I’m too tired for talking”/ Lessons learned

July 23, 2011

Huge lessons learned. Just confirms me what I already knew. When a girl is dancing at a party, you don’t go talk to her – you only take energy. I noticed it several times last evening. And then I spotted a moment when one HB was not talking – so I made EC and talked to her .. but my mind was empty. And I talked to her about ……. aliens. Which I realize was weird. At one point she said: “I’m too tired for talking. It’s a party – why aren’t u dancing. Why are you talking?” and she made a dismissing sign. 2 big lessons: In parties talk minimum ( max 1 short phrase ) and do lots of dancing/kino – isolate fast. And when you are talking, don’t really care about interactions … and have something interesting in mind … not aliens 😐

Other lessons:

– end the interaction with a girl first. make her want more. she can sense you are interested so she leaves first .. you lose value

– on dancefloor I almost got the kiss from a girl – she complimented my dancing – there was high energy. I then isolated the HB and did DHV routines ….. this only lowered the energy. I should have aimed for comfort/isolate and go directly for the kiss?

– when trying to kiss, take her chin delicately with one hand and raise it slowly – don’t bow your head to get towads her mouth.

2 meter legs

July 16, 2011

Wedding of a friend. From the beginning I spot TI-3_11 ( HB Legs ). Huge legs – on high heels she was half head taller than me!! I’m having fun with some friends and some UGs to get into state. I hesitate to approach her most of the eveining – she was with her friends and music was loud. Then I see them going outside. I take another way out – I see them – they are taking pictures.

I was meanwhile talking to a friend on the phone. I end up the convo, and approach them – i offer to take pictures of both. They thank me – then they tend to leave, so I do the best friends test. It’s a hit. I high five the other HB because she understands the test.

Then the other HB leaves and I want to transition into ring fingers but it seems someone had already run the routine on her!

Then I introduce myself. She introduces herself. Spin. I want to do the names routine but she won’t tell me a start name. I promise I’ll tell her why. She thinks and says no – she thinks I’m testing her to see if she knows star names with her name.

I see she’s not qualifying so I transition – She mentions her faculty. ( actually the other HB had mentioned it ). I qualify her.

I also ask her about qualities necessary in a relationship. She names 2. Then a blonde HB comes and I ask her the same – I kino TI_3-11.

I mention parties – start telling stories about my friends. I tell her how if my friends are down ( “in a WC”, we pull them out , and if I am in the WC – I stay there – cause I like it … burts into laughter … then I say just kidding.

I tell her the names routine ( whisper – like a secret ) – she laughs.

I tell her the cool / stange categorisation – she says she’s both – but she won’t mention why.

I tell her a story about strange ( “menthol ass”). She laughs: Oh my god – you guys are so crazy.

I tell her things about pop-stars. She agrees. I also DHV this way. Then I tell her stars will have too much self esteem – and they can pass common sense ( story with old lady crossing the road ). She laughs.

I compliment her hair – take pictures. I kino her more.

I tell her about our exclusive parties. Β She agrees to come. I facebook close her.

Then friends call – i tell a story about how they are calling me from different clubs.

I use the player-girl routine.

I cold read her.

I find out she has a brother. I tease her about it.

I tell her her girl has a jealous boyfriend because she’s speaking on the phone too much. I could be a serial killer. She doesn’t think so. I do the thief routine – transition into bed vs baldaquin. She laughs. I qualify her.

I use EC, I kino.

Her friends come – I am an instant hit among them too. I facebook close one of them and rapport with her. Rapport with the second. They laugh. I get calls again. I #close her. I have to go. So I give the newly met HB a funny `homework`.

I leave on a high.

Good: Kino, body rocking, some good posture, voice modulation,some good eye contact Β – I was on fire with confidence – no AA.

Bad: She did not qualify to my requests, I talked way too much. – I was entertaining – she was laughing all the time. but I was DANCING MONKEY!!! I could not get her to open up and tell me things about herself! Body language was not always great. She was a bit nervous looking for her friend. ( i mitigated that – by making the gealous girlfriend joke ).

Billa Learnings

May 27, 2011

I want to approach an HB brunette, but i also see another HB brownhair. I see the brunette has “X” legs, so I decide to go for the HB brownhair ( TI-2_11). Cashmere sweater opener, bodyrock, transition to jealous girlfriend, C vs Us, she likes it .. but at one point she mentions her parents and points to two people standing like 10 meters away. They were looking on shelves not at us. So I jokue: are you over 18? i’m not allowed to talk to you. I ask her what she does- she tells me – student at law. I ask her: lawyer or judge. She says she doesn’t know. So we talk more – i qualify her for being open, she says i am the same, then she looks and her parents are gone. So i say: I think if they though I was a serial killer they would have come and taken me away from you :). Then I qualify her on skiing. Then she laughs and says this situation seems funny. So I introduce myself. Names routine. She gives me a pointer – I compliment her about her good idea. Then we have rapport about music – she likes classical music – I tell her about the Phylamonic, and my friend there. She is interested. So I promise her I’ll take her one time. She agrees. So then I ask her if she has facebook. She does, but she mentions she doesn’t check often. So then I say if she doesn’t check often she should give me her phone number – it’s easier to communicate. She hesitates: we’ll talk on facebook. So i tell her she is not often on facebook. So she says – the phone was actually so complicated. I start laughing, kino on shoulder and say: Heeey. Is this your standard line to guys you don’t want to give the phone no to? She says noooo, I say – it’s ok. I put phone in pocket and body rock to leave. “Ok – write it!” I smile and I ask her: are you sure?Β “It’s about my parents ( not to see me! ).” So i tell her : no tell it to me. She says it but for some reason i just couldn’t memorize it. So then she says – ok write it :). I write it and say: this was the moment when the guy was supposed to impress you by memorizing it πŸ˜€ . She says: really? I say Just kidding ( I was trying to make her laugh at least after the DLV moment ). So I tell her i’ll beep her. She askms: tonight, right? “I promise”. πŸ™‚

So when i got home i texted her: hey (singer – names routine ), i hope your parents didn’t kick your ass for talking to strangers πŸ™‚ / she replied “:)) no dear :P” – so I touched base.

Good: I was relaxed – almost no AA – corrected my body language at one point ( was aware of myself then ), I turned a”rejection” around by taking the phone no at the end? ( LESSON: If a girl likes you, doesn’t give you her no, for some reason and you ask her if that’s what she says to guys she doesn’t want to give her phone no to, and she gives it to you – she actually hard qualifies to you ).

Bad: Body language was not always ok – leaned forward, almost no kino.


May 17, 2011

This morning at a crossroad I saw a cute girl (TI-1_11) with a really nice dress style. So i parked the car 200m further, got out and walked towards her. She was walking towards me. So I made EC and said ( don’t remember if i smiled ): Hi. Honestly I love your dressing style and I want to make acquaintance. She was surprised – gave me her hand, introduced herself. I hesitated – I wanted to do the names routine, but she said she was in a hurry. So I told her: you know what, let’s stay in contact. Give me your email. And she said: Why? And I smiled and said: why not? She smiled – and i continued: “Because not every morning an stranger asks for your email”. I pull my phone to write and she says ( dominatly ): Write! ( I could have answered back here – I only smiled πŸ™‚ ) .. And she gave the Yahoo ID to me. I had a good start to the day.

There is a colleague at work that is cute, and that i picked up on facebook while she was interviewing for our company, but after she got hired i stopped all interaction. She was so surprised. This was 2 months ago. Meanwhile it’s clear there’s tension between us. Today I gave her more attention. I was teasing her. She came to my desk and I was talking to her so confidently, with intense EC – it felt so good :). I was in a confident frame and it worked wonders.

On the other hand there’s an HB that i know from facebook which writes absolutely beautifully on her blog. I’m commenting on her blog from time to time and I adopted the mysterious attitude – she asked me who I was, she asked me to add her on facebook, but of course, I didn’t. There’s no point in revealing the mystery while the impact is small. After getting my validation from her, and writing her another `Bond` type comment, I was in that `Bond` frame. Another colleague came to my desk – and I looked her straight in the eyes. So powerefully – she has beautiful eyes. That `frame` was amazing. I remembered that’s how I had conquered the Russian SHB years before. I need to use it more.

Then there was a girl who I had added on facebook by had refused my friendship. So today I had an idea how to continue. I gave her a funny line. She lauged. I gave her another funny line. She was laughing histerically. I was just teasing and teasing and teasing. And it worked up to a point. But because i had this validation I was in such a good frame – that lines and ideas to try on the street and even for a speech at the Speech Club came so naturally. It’s incredible what a confident frame can do. Inspiration is just FLOWING!

P.S.: I need to try these lines on other girls too, and if they work I will publish them.

Case study: Effect of a birthday on confidence and creativity

April 2, 2011

I noticed something very interesting today. Yesterday I had the best birthday party in the recent years and it involved no PU! It was just FUN. Despite not doing PU, this morning when I woke up I felt very very well. I had such an awesome energy even while i was still in bed. And things were just flowing naturally. I had an idea about how to try and PU a girl on facebook – starting from a birthday pic, then on facebook my jokes were flowing so naturally – it was incredible. Climax? I left a comment on a friend’s profile who was a fotographer. In a matter of minutes 7 SHBs liked my comment. One added me as friend and I’ve been bantering with her all day.

I then asked myself what makes this difference. It seems that state alone can increase productivity in areas requiring creativity multiple times. It may sound like a story, but when a person is very confident, he will take more risks, but also be more creative with amazing results. While the same person a day before let’s say, in a different state received terrible results. I believe in creative fields, confidence and happiness ( a state of `bliss` ) will make the same man from nobody a superstar.

The challenge is then to get into that state. I’ve often asked myself – why can’t I bring myself to the SAME state as when i had a huge success ( let’s say Picking up a SHB ) etc. I remember it, it gives me a BETTER state if I concentrate on it, but it does not bring me to the SAME state. If we could find a way to make that memory more vivid, and recreate this success state whenever we need it, AT THE INTENSITY that we need it, then success can grow tremendously – we can talk even of a 10 fold increase ( guestimate ).

Knowing that events don’t cause emotions, but our interpretations of events cause us emotions, I believe that by controlling your emotions, you can recreate a state on purpose. Once I also learn how to control them best, I think I will be able to get into a state ( frame ) whenever I want AT THE INTSITY that I want, and my success will grow immensely. I also believe the there is a HUGE amount of work on myself that I need to do, but what encourages me is that i STRONGLY BELIEVE it’s possible.

Some things happen in the pool .. or in the ski depot ;)

March 19, 2011

Skiing vacation in Austria. Checking out the local spa with my friends. Playing with 2 girls in my group in the water massage part of the pool and laughing with them a lot( DHV ). My 2 friends leave – two other girls come ( HB Polish and her friend ). I show them the game i played with my friends, kino them – position them by taking both their shoulders in my arms. I talk to them some time – they seem interested, and then I leave ( to win something you have to be willing to lose it ).

My target eventually comes to me where i was sitting and asks me what i study ( IOI ). More conversation, more rapport. ***She sends mixed signals!*** At the end of the night I take her phone number, that she initially hesitates to give me.

I message her that night ( because i felt she’s a medium fuse, at most – as my game wasn’t too solid ). She messages me next day asking me where I ski. We don’t synchronize next days – but we message back and forth. Then in the last message of the next day she expresses another IOI and says perhaps we would meet the next day like initally planned. We go to a bar and i message her we are there. She says they are both in bed, but they’ll come if they manage to get up.

In the end the come ( IOI! ). Our interaction doesn’t go as planned – I isolate but she suggests we rejoin the group, and she laughs more at one of my friends jokes than mine. (IOD! ), but in the crowd when i extend my hand, she takes it and when I squeeze she squeezes back (IOI). On the dance floor i dance with every girld in the group but not her ( jealousy plot line+DHV -she told me later her fav movie is Dirty Dancing ) , then in the end i dance with her ( Rapport, DHV – see fav movie ) – she looks at my lips while we dance, but i hesitate to k-close there in front of everyone ). I isolate her again – againg she take the hand i give her and squeezes back. but in isolation, despite good rapport, she says again we should rejoin the group. So I agree, but before we do, I do Style’s EV – she likes it a lot, and then I do Mystery’s kiss gambit ( with triangulation ) – ‘Do you want to kiss me?’ – she doesn’t answer – she hesitates and smiles a bit … so I say ‘ let’s find out’ – kclose.

At the end of the night i walk them home, but I stay with her in her hotel hallway – and we talk – then kiss and things get heavy ( we were alone there but anyone could come ) – Β I end up fingering her ( she was very wet ) so at one point she says – I know where we can go .. and she takes me to the ski depot of the hotel! … thigs get heavier – i find a condom in my jacket ( Thank God! πŸ™‚ ) .. fclose.

Lessons: Despite getting mixed signals, she was interested ( she told me afterwards she thought about kiss/possibility to fuck after first night – after i number closed her ). Look at overall picture ( she was interested if: she gave me her phone, came there after already being in bed, taking my hand, not letting it go and squeezing it back, her looking at my lips during me dancing with her ).

2. For a girl the most logical argument is a Β finger in her pussy – in that moment you can get her to do everything … and if you take the finger out for a long time, she might change her mind πŸ˜‰

3. Don’t show eagarness to fuck even after first LR .. second day I insisted too much to fuck that day .. and she felt in control, so she took advantage of that .. and we almost did not fuck that day

4. ( not really a lesson but cool facts: I also met SHB Russian in a pool .. and my 1st LR @ ski resort, 3 years ago was also Polish πŸ™‚ ).